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Welcome to SSSJ ADS

An award winning amateur theatre, presenting three shows a year. A pantomime for all the family, a summer show and a play.

Held at different venues due to the lose of our previous venue *St Simon and St Jude School Hall*. 

(*Please check tickets for location- Due to building fire at SS Simon & Judes School, locations will change)


Current Production

NODA District 5 Nominations

Youth Nominations 2020/22

Best Female Youth in An Adult Show-

Rachel Slater- Red Riding Hood- Red Riding Hood

Best Male Youth in an Adult Show-

Kurtis Greenhalgh- Buttons- Cinderella

Adult Nominations 2020/22

Best Staging-

Red Riding Hood

Best Panto Dame

Ian Dean-Boardman- Granny Hood- Red Riding Hood

Suzanne Smith (Grizelda) & Ben Stainer (Gertrude)- Cinderella

Best Lead in Panto

Caitlin Owen- Prince Charming- Cinderella

Best Comedy Duo
Nicola Walsh (Hammer) & Lindsay Sheppard (Tongs)- Red Riding Hood

Best Panto Villain
David Crank- Gordon Gazumper- Red Riding Hood

Best Choreographer of a Panto
Jennifer Dagnall- Cinderella 

Best Supporting Performance in a Panto
Stuart McCaig- Barney- Red Riding Hood
Jennifer Dagnall- Prince Rupert- Red Riding Hood

Best Director of a Panto
Vanessa Dean-Boardman- Red Riding Hood

Best Pantomime
Red Riding Hood

Unsung Hero in Amateur Theatre Award
Stella Crank

Best Programme and Poster & Other Awards


To Be Announced 

Next Production

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