An award winning amateur theatre, presenting three shows a year. A pantomine for all the family, a summer show and a play. All held in St Simon and St Jude School Hall, Newport Road, Bolton, BL3 2DT.


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Current Production


Where to begin...?

Coronavirus has painfully proved that almost everything around us is ever so fleeting. Things that our everyday lives revolve around - work, gym, theatre, society in general have all moved into a strange suspension as we are slowly learning to live without them.

Covid-19 has taught us that ultimately, it is your family and home that actually keeps you safe and secure.

We genuinely hope that our ADS family will soon meet up but meanwhile, just to let you all know - the management are still working away on your behalf regarding potential future productions.

In the meantime, best wishes to every one of you. Keep well, keep safe and be of good cheer.

Chair - David